Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 8, 2010

Howdy fam.
This week was pretty crazy. But it ended up being really good. I remember last week writing about our investigator Diana, who was marked for baptism. She really was ready. But just about an hour after I wrote the email last week, as we were carrying our groceries back to the house, we saw Diana walking with her husband Luís, and she was smoking! And she had her piercings back in! It was way disappointing. She wouldn't tell us why either. We passed by her house the next day and she told us what happened. Her husband Luís is in a lot of trouble with the police for a lot of stuff and is probably going to jail. So she kind of just got stressed out and rebelled. We remarked the baptism for next Saturday, but we sort of lost our faith that she could really make the date. We passed by her house every day this week, but she still didn't seem to be progressing much. She finally ended up taking her piercings out again, and told us that she had quit smoking again. But we still weren't sure if she would be able to make the date. But yesterday, we had testimony meeting at church, and she got up and bore her testimony! It was way cool. She bore her testimony about how she knew that it was God that helped her quit her addictions. I really felt the Spirit as she testified. After that, some of the members that before didn't really want her to be baptized, went up to her after Sacrament Meeting and thanked her for her testimony. Now we are sure she will be baptized. She really does have a testimony, she just doesn't show it sometimes. We know that she will continue to progress, especially because she has the support from the members. I am way excited for her baptism, which will be this Saturday.
This week was actually pretty hard. We didn't have as many lessons as we have been having. We are sort of running out of investigators. I looked in my planner, and realized that we have been passing by the same people every day. It's hard to find new investigators too, because it's such a small area, and every single house has been knocked a million times, and everyone knows who we are. The investigators that we have, some of the seem to be losing interest. We had planned to mark 6 people for baptism this week, but weren't able to. I think that we can still mark a few of them, others I'm not so sure. We need to find a new strategy for finding investigators, and I think it's through the members.
Anyway, so that's the progress here. It's always good hearing from home. That's cool y'all went fishing. And skiing. I really miss skiing. That's probably one of the things I miss the most. Anyways, it's good to here from yeh. I will try to send some pics today. Boas!
Elder Walker

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