Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 1, 2010

Hello fam!
Got some transfer news for ya. We got our transfer calls this morning (I think the missionaries in the Azores always get called first.) So I already know what's happening, so you don't have to wait until next week. President Torgan called this morning. Elder Dastrup is leaving and heading to the continent to be Zone Leader in Santarém. Another Elder, Elder Wittwer, who I actually already know pretty well, is taking his place with Elder Barbosa. Both me and Elder Da Costa are staying, but now I'm District Leader here. It's way crazy. I can't believe it! I am way glad that Elder Da Costa is staying. We are going to get a lot of work done this transfer. If he would have left, it would have been way hard, because I still don't know a ton about the area. But we have a lot of investigators that we feel are ready to be marked for baptism. We are planning on marking all of them this week, to be baptized throughout the month. The work here is amazing. The branch is growing. It's way awesome to see. I just have this really good feeling that the branch will be really strong one day. It's crazy, because I remember both my trainer, and my greeny-breaker telling me how aweful the branch was. But that's in the past. The whole branch is basically all recent converts now. Elder Da Costa and Elder Dastrup really did awesome work, and the branch is growing. We are hoping for at least 6 baptisms this transfer. I'm way excited to work hard and baptize!!!
So this last Saturday, Diana was supposed to be baptized. But last Sunday, during church, she took some prescribed pills, which made her drowsy, so all of the members thought that she was on drugs. So this week, we had a lot of trouble from a couple members who know Diana, and her past, and didn't want her to be baptized. We know that she is ready, but didn't want her to be baptized without support from the members. So we prayed about it a lot, and decided to re-mark her for this upcoming Saturday. It was awesome what happened. After the members found out that she was re-marked, they got excited too. Diana came to church this Sunday, and I think the members have seen the change in her. She really was ready. She is a different person now. She smiles and laughs a lot more, and we can tell that she is happier. She is really excited for the baptism, and we know she will continue to grow.
Other investigators are progressing well, and like I said, are ready to be marked for baptism. It's just hard to get ahold of a lot of them to be able to teach them. So we hopefully we will be able to mark specific days and times to pass by and teach.
It's sad to see all of the disasters and stuff that are going on in the world. It's especially weird to sort of be outside of it, and not really know much about what's going on. I didn't know about Chile until I read this email. I didn't know about Madeira until mom's email last week. Plus what happened in Haiti. They really are signs of the times. It's sad to see, but kind of cool to know that we really are living in the last days, and that we are waiting for the second coming of Christ. It has been interesting the week, teaching some investigators. A lot of them have had questions about "the end of the world" and stuff. It's cool to know that we know what will happen, and that we have the truth, and we know what we need to do to be prepared for the second coming. It's awesome to help other people to know as well.
So, it's way awesome to hear what's going on at home! I can't believe Megan is having a girl! I bet it's just what she was hoping for! And 6 years since the last girl in the family! Again! There must have been some kind of prophesy down the Hill lineage or something. That's awesome! It's good to hear that everyone else is doing well too. I miss you guys! But I know I'm here doing the Lord's work. I really am enjoying it. This week is going to be hard I think. Especially with all the new responsibility. Now I'm District Leader, and also 1st Counselor in the Branch Presidency. It will be a challenge, but I know that I'm going to grow from it. It's awesome to know that when we have transfers, that it is by revelation that we are transferred.
Thanks again for the email! Keep 'em comin'!!! Tchauzinhos!
Elder Walker

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