Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 22, 2010

Another crazy week in the 'zores! I realized that today, I have been on the mission for exactly 11 months! It's crazy! Almost a year.
So this this week has been another week of ups and downs. I have never had so many ups and downs in my life. But I am really enjoying this area, and learning a lot.
So, Diana...............she wasn't baptized, again. I was so sure last week that she would finally be baptized. We prayed with her, and definitely felt the spirit. And we went back on Monday, and she still hadn't smoked or drank. But after Tuesday, we became really suspicious, because one of our members saw her with a bottle of beer again. She has sort of been lying to us, so it's way hard to help her. She has a lot of bad influences in her life. If we could just get her away from all of the people that she hangs around, she would easily be baptized. She really wanted to be baptized, and she definitely has felt the spirit, but she doesn't have the gift of the Holy Ghost, so she can't feel it all the time, especially at her house and with the people that she is always with. Anyway, she got really mad at us this week, and doesn't want to be baptized anymore. We passed by yesterday, and was a lot nicer. I feel that one day she will be baptized, I just don't know when, or how.
This week, we have found a lot of good people to teach, we just haven't taught them yet. We have a bunch of references from members, and a bunch of people that we have talked to on the streets and stuff. I think the hardest thing is just getting hold of people. And nobody here likes to actually mark visits. When we plan our day, basically just have to plan people that we want to pass by, or call, and just hope that they are home and want to talk to us.
We are teaching this guy named Fernando. He is actually from São Tomé, which is pretty rare here on Terceira. He knew the Elders in Madeira, and also in São Miguel (another island in the Azores.) He moved, so the Elders from São Miguel sent us his teaching record, and now we are teaching him. He will definitely be baptized, he just doesn't understand everything perfectly. But he is a way cool guy. He lives with all of his co-workers, which are all just a bunch of different guys from all over. He's from São Tomé, one's from Brazil, one's from Angola, one is Portuguese. It's funny. We taught a couple of his co-workers and they seem pretty cool. We talked a lot about baptism and I think we will be able to mark at least Fernando today.
I am enjoying being in the branch presidency. It is way cool to watch the branch grow. When I got here, there were usually about 25 people in Sacrament Meeting on average. Now it's probably about 35-40. The other Elders in the branch will be baptizing 2 families this weekend, which I think will be a really big strength for the branch. I don't really know the families that well, but I think it's gonna be good. Oh yeah, and I am District Leader, so I am going to have to do about 8 interviews this weekend. Ugh!
Other than that, I think it's pretty much the same. Just a lot of people that aren't progressing, or that are sort of progressing really slowly. Also a lot of rain, as usual. And cows, and grass, and barking dogs that poop on the sidewalk, and I ALWAYS step in it. Yep.
Sounds like everything's going well at home. I can definitely say that I am glad I got out of helping with the set. YES!!! I bet your play is gonna be a real hit. Especially since it's High School Musical. It's crazy. It's even really big here in the Azores. That's way sad to hear about Rachel Fischer. If anyone talks to her family, tell them to tell Rachel that I say "hi" and that I will definitely be praying for her.
Welp, it's good to hear from you fam. Sounds like everyone's doing good. I continue to pray for y'all. I hope you all continue to do what you know you should, and continue to grow your testimonies. That's the only way. We can only know if something is true, if we continue to live it. Don't stop taking care of your faith seed!
Love yeh tons!
Elder Walker

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