Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 15, 2010

Oi família!
This week was another rollercoaster. It was sort of up, and down, up, and down. But it ended on an up, which was awesome. We have sort have lost some of our investigators this week. Some seem to be losing interest. Others don't answer the door or phone. But we also found a lot of awesome people this week that we feel good about. So we lost some, but gained some as well.
The hardest and saddest part of the week was when we caught Diana smoking again, and she had her piercing back in. She tried to hide the cigarette, but couldn't hide the piercing. We talked with her later, and she denied that she had smoked. Then, the next day, we saw her smoking again, and drinking. And this time, she couldn't deny it. We talked to her and she seemed pretty discouraged, but kind of annoyed with us too. She was absolutely sure that she couldn't quit smoking and wouldn't be baptized. We told her that we knew that she would, we just didn't know when. That was earlier this week. But last night, we passed by, and she was in her same mood. Kinda just frowny and really down. But we started talking to her and asking her if she knows that this is God's true church. She told us that she knew it was. We asked her how, and she said "I know it's true because I feel it." And then she started slowy getting happier, and smiling. Then she said, "I'm not smoking or drinking anymore." Then we asked her when she thought she could be baptized, and she said "this saturday." So we all knelt down to ask Heavenly Father if she should be baptized this saturday, and we all felt the Spirit as she prayed. After the prayer she said, "I WILL be baptized." And then she started laughing. It was so cool. One of the coolest experiences on the mission. We are really going to help her this week to quit smoking. This is it. I think this is the week that she will finally be baptized.
Also, this weekend we had Zone Conference. This time, President Torgan and the other missionaries from São Miguel came to Terceira. The Conference was way awesome and a lot of questions that I had were answered. I love Zone Conference because I always come out feeling way motivated. I also had my interview with him, which is even better because he gives me personal counsel.
Also, later, President Torgan had a special devotional for all of our investigators, for the members, and less active members. He spoke about life after death. He talked a lot about some surveys that doctors (non religious) have had with people who have died, and been brought back to life. All of them spoke about dark tunnels, and light, and warmth and stuff like that. So his whole thing was that even science proves that there is life after death. We had a good turnout and I think our investigators really liked his talk. When President Torgan speaks, it's always way powerful.
Then yesterday, President Torgan came to our branch. I was actually the one who was conducting the meeting. I was a little nervous, but everything went well. I actually gave a talk as well. Then, at the last hour of church, President Torgan taught a combined meeting. He had all of the members kneel down as he prayed, and then afterwards write down some names of people who could potentially accept the gospel. So now we have a ton of references.
So this week turned out to be way awesome, and I learned a ton, and am ready to continue to work a lot harder than I have.
Sounds like mom had a good time in AZ. The weather here is pretty good too, sometimes. It rains a ton! Probably almost everyday. Some days more than others. Sometimes it poors and we get soaked and stay wet the whole day. I am also sick of the winter. I miss proselyting in just a white shirt and tie.
Tell Amy and Gretchen happy birthday for me.
I can't believe mom got another new car! That's way cool. I bet it's awesome.
Yeah, Kaenan is gonna be huge when I get back! He will be in first grade, right? He'll almost be done with first grade. What's the latest and greatest thing with him? Star Wars still? Legos? Pokemon? Dinosaurs?
Olive is a good name. haha
So I think somebody said that there was another earthquake in Hungary. Is that true? I only heard somebody say it, I didn't hear any details.
Welp, keep me updated with everything. Love you guys!
Elder Walker

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  1. Here is a kind of life after death you can be sure of...