Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 28, 2009

Olá Família de Walker! I finally figured out how to type in Portuguese, with all of the accents over the letters and stuff. I'm doing so well! The language is finally starting to come. Yesterday, I taught my first lesson in Portuguese. It was pretty tough, but I know more than I think I do. It went pretty well. I was at least able to get my point across. I am loving it more and more here. Not so much the MTC, but just my mission in general. To be honest, I'm getting pretty tired of the MTC. Especially the food. But I love all the people in my district and zone. It is so awesome. But, I'm really excited to get out of here and to get to Portugal. Only only a litte over 3 more weeks! That is crazy about Bailey! But somehow doesn't surprise me. I have actually had the thought that she might be gone before I get home. Either mom and dad will get rid of her, or something like that would happen to her. I'm glad she's ok though. Today, on my way to the temple, I saw Cameron Crockett. I totally didn't expect it. But it was cool. I guess he works at the MTC, because he said he would try to come visit me. I don't really know. I'm sorry to hear about Grandpa Sheril. He seems to have one problem after the other. I hope he is ok. Dad, I don't really know what my favorite scripture is. But you can give them this scripture to put on it. It's 2 Nephi 26:33. I really like that one. I truly have been having a blast here. I love studying, and learning, and teaching. It's crazy how blessed I feel here, and how strong the spirit is here. That is one thing I will miss about the MTC. Eu sei que o Evangelho de Jesus Cristo é verdadeiro. Eu sei que eu sou muito abençoado estar aqui. Eu amo o Senhor. Eu amo este evangelho. Eu amo a minha família. Eu sou grato por Joseph Smith e seu fé. Eu sou grato estar em a minha missão. Este é o trabalho de Deus! Eu amo vocês! Eu esperanço vocês são bem! Até logo!
Elder Walker

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  1. Burke's Portuguese Translation: I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I know that I am very blessed to be here. I love the Lord. love the gospel. I love my family. I am grateful for Joseph Smith and his faith. I am grateful to be here on my mission. This is the work of God. I love you all. I hope you are all well. Until Later! Elder Walker