Monday, June 8, 2009

June 5, 2009

Olá Família de Walker! Everything is going great here! I'm still loving it! I hope you are all doing well still. I haven't caught the flu yet luckily! Actually, one of the 7 guys in my district was like, the 2nd person to catch it, and he had to be quarantined for 5 days! Which meant that he had to stay isolated in a room with a few other guys for 5 days. He just barely got out yesterday. It was crazy, because it all happened so suddenly, and now there are something like 40 people in quarantine. Our whole district is taking an anti-flu pill, because one of the Elders in our district caught it. So, I don't think I will catch it, hopefully not. They haven't told us that we will be delayed, but the older districts who were supposed to leave on Monday, and Tuesday have been delayed 2 weeks! I feel way bad for them. But I guess it's meant to be. Yeah, so it has been a crazy week for me. For all of us. It has really thrown of our schedule and our learning, but it all seems back to normal, at least for our district. I feel like I am continually getting better at the language. Although, it's still a big struggle. There are SO MANY grammar principles to learn. We learn a new one everyday, so it's hard to keep on top of things. But I know it will come. I'm glad Grandpa is ok. Did he have the surgery for that herpes thing that he had as well? I hope he is doing well. I am excited for Megan and Spencer and their new home. I still need their new address. So please send that ASAP. I am also glad that work is going well. I'm glad Liz's sealing went well. I am so happy for her. That had to have taken so much faith for her to do that. I'm so proud of her. And I'm way excited for Griffin and Gretchen to be married. I wish I could be there. Obrigado pelo pacote Mai! Eu amo-o! (Thanks for the package mom, I love it!) I always enjoy the candy. It's way nice to come back after class and have candy to eat! And thanks for the letter! Another thing that I will need soon is an inhaler, or multiple inhalers if possible. So I can have them for when I go to Portugal as well. I don't know if you guys can pick up my prescription for me. I use the albuterol. Hopefully you can get that. Don't bother getting me the Singulair pills. They are expensive, and they don't work all that great. I still end up having to use my inhaler almost just as much. And when I run out, my asthma goes crazy for about a week, and then dies down to about exactly what it was while I was taking them. So just send some inhalers, if possible. Thanks! Sorry I keep making you guys send stuff. I finally got to see you on Music and the Spoken Word this Sunday mom! It was way cool. I pointed you out to everyone. I won't get to watch it this Sunday because it's fast sunday. But I should be able to watch it for the rest of my Sundays. I can't believe I only have 2 1/2 weeks left! It really has gone by super fast! I am so excited to get to Portugal! But pretty nervous at the same time. These last few weeks are crunch time! I've got to learn all I can with the language. But I know the Lord will help me. Eu amo a minha família! Eu amo este Evangelho! Eu amo este trabalho! Até logo!!!
Elder Walker


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