Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009

Ok, turns out I dont think I have fleas. Sorry to scare y'all mom. I really thought I had them. I was getting random red dots everywhere, and some of them were itchy. It could have been fleas. Im still not sure. But I think its all gone. I havent been getting the red spots anymore. So I should be fine. You dont need to worry about it though, even if I do have them. Its not that bad. Just itches a little bit. But yeah, they went away somehow. Could have just been some kind of allergic reaction to something. This week was AWESOME! Yesterday was probably the best day I have had on the mission. We had to do all of the baptismal interviews yesterday for 3 of our investigators that are getting baptized (Colombo, Albertina, and Maria). So I had to go on divisions with the District Leader, because he is the one who has to do the interviews. So we had 3 to do in one day, and I was in charge of the lessons. So I taught the entire lesson all 3 times. Then, after the lessons, we had the interviews, so Elder Neve (the district leader) took the other investigators into another room for the interview. Each time I was left in a room alone with somebody else for about 30 mins each time. And I could actually have a conversation with them! The first interview was with Colombo, and I sat and talked to the member he lives with who's name is Artur for a half an hour. I did the same thing at Maria's house with one of our members named Ike. And then at Albertinas house with Oscar. That was the most I have ever spoken in one day, and the most I have ever understood. It was really good practice for me to speak the language face to face with a native speaker, and to be outgoing as well. I know now for sure that I can learn the language. I am a lot better at it than I thought. Awesome! Anyways, today is Pday, and we are going to the Jardim Zoológico, or the zoo that they have here. Supposedly its pretty awesome. Im excited. Things are going really well with Elder Dean. We joke around a lot. He is funny, but has a sort of sense of humor that I had to get used to. But he is really cool. We are still having a lot of success here in Sacavém. There are so many awesome people here. I love it. We are having 2 baptisms this Sunday. Colombo and Albertina will be baptized. Oscar recieved the Aaronic Priesthood last Sunday, so he will be baptizing Albertina. And Colombo will be baptized by the member he lives with, Artur. All of them are really, really solid. Albertina is shy, but she already knows a lot about the gospel, and has already seen the blessings of it in her life. Plus, she has Oscar as a husband, who is awesome! Then we have Colombo, who is just as solid, who read the Book of Mormon until 2 Nephi before we even started teaching him, who has now finished the entire book and started over, watched all of the church films we have, and wants more, and who quit smoking, and went cold turkey the day we taught him about the word of wisdom, and hasnt smoked a cigarette since. Awesome guy! Then Maria will be baptized on September 12, as well as Oscar and Albertina's daughter Adicilsa. Maria has been taught all of the lessons twice now, and is very ready to be baptized. She knows everything now. She is so awesome. She just feels good about September 12, so we kept that date. We still havent been able to teach Adicilsa. We found out she knows a lot of Portuguese sign language, but we are not sure if the church has anything in portuguese sign language. She cant read very well. But her primary teacher said she understands a lot of the lessons she teaches. She will be our main focus this next week. The Lord truly has been preparing people to hear our message. Sometimes, people contact US on the street and say they want to hear our message. Yeah, things are going awesome here. Better than ever. Its weird, because supposedly there is a saying among the Elders here that "missionaries go to Sacavém to rot." Not a true statement. In fact, I think this might be one of the most succussful areas in Portugal. I dunno. We are doing awesome. I think this area has had a history of lazy elders or something. I dunno. Thanks for sending Sonny's letter, that is really good to see how he is doing. Yeah, if you dont mind, that would be awesome if you kept doing that every once in a while. Griffin and Gretchen are getting married tomorrow! Thats crazy! Im way excited for them! Yall should send me the wedding invitation. Thats crazy what happened at the cabin! I hope its ok. Whatever you do, dont let them sell the cabin!!! Do everything you can to keep it!!! I guess the carpet needed to be replaced anyway. Ha ha. You should save a piece of it and frame it. That carpet is a legend. "Yeah, we are going to our cabin this weekend." "Oh, that one with the rainbow shag carpet?" Ha ha. I am going to miss going there this winter. I think it will be my first away from the cabin. Thats awesome that Kaenan is playing futebol! (soccer). Is he liking it at all? I know I didnt really like sports when I was a kid. It seems like he is too young to play, but I guess hes getting old. Crazy. Im guessing thats how young the people here are when they start playing. EVERYONE here plays soccer. Its huge. There are 3 professional teams here in Portugal. There is Sporting, Benfica, and Porto. Porto is the best supposedly. And Sporting and Benfica are rivals. Cristiano Renaldo, who is supposedly the best player in the world is from Porto, but he plays for Manchester United (England) now. Every kid, and teenager plays soccer. And some play basketball, but soccer is huge. Every kid wants to be a professional soccer player when they grow up. Its funny. Im going to be here during the world cup next year too. Supposedly its crazy around here when its going on. You cant get lessons because everyone is watching the game. And when Portugal scores, you can here people yelling at blowing horns and stuff. Sounds cool. Im glad to hear about Brennan. Is he going to church at all, or does he still work on Sundays? Sounds like everything is going great there. Its so awesome hearing from yall every week. I love you all! Deus vos guarde!!! Fiquem fixe!!!
Elder Walker

P.S. I made Perfect Pancakes again. This time I seperated the egg whites and whipped them. So good! And I made buttermilk syrup with brown sugar. Amazing!

P.P.S. I need more recipes. Maybe stroganoff or anything else like that?

P.P.P.S. I can't get on to Sonnys blogspot. Maybe you can send me his posting address (not email.)

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