Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 12, 2009

Wow! Awesome email! I finally know what's going on over there! Sounds like things are going really well. Things here are going awesome. It has been REALLY hot though. I dont know how hot. Somewhere in the 40s I think (celcius.) Definitely the hottest I have been since I got here. And its supposed to stay that way for the next couple weeks I think. The new companion is awesome. His name is Elder Dean. He has been out for a year. He just came from the Azores. He is from American Fork. He is so good at teaching! Amazing! And really good at the language (although he has a pretty heavy american accent.) Cool dude though. Yesterday was probably my most successful day on the mission. Our investigators are progressing so well. We had 4 lessons yesterday (which is kind of a lot) and they were are with our investigators. In 2 of the lessons, they brought friends, who really, really liked our message. So 2 new investigators. Elder Dean is a really hard worker who's gonna whip me into shape. Elder Markarian was too. But I think Elder Dean works even harder. The language is improving I think. We just had our Zone Conference, and I understood almost all of it (mostly because I understand all of the Elders, who speak slow and have American accents) But I think its slowly progressing. Patience. Im glad Grandma Walker is doing well. She is awesome. She keeps writing me letters. I got one of here letters at the mailbox at our home. So cool. Im glad Grandpa Sheril is doing good too. I cant believe Uncle Richard got cancer again. I hope he is ok. Its all up to the Lord though. That is really awesome about Leanna, Susan, and Lori. I had no idea any of them were trying out. Thats going to be so awesome if they make it in. Really awesome for mom. By the way, speaking of the Rymers. I heard Tyler got his call and has already left. Do you know anything about that? All I heard was that he got his call. Im dying to know where he went. Things are going awesome here in Sacavém. Its been a little difficult getting us around everywhere and remembering where everything is and all of the people we have been teaching, but I think Im finally getting the hang of things. The people here are still awesome. There are a lot of people that the Lord has prepared I think. These African people really are all very humble people. All of our investigators are African. I love em! Oscar is doing really well too. His wife, who didnt seem to be progressing finally got the courage up to ask her boss to get Sundays off work. So now she can come to church! And she realizes the blessing it is too. I think she is really excited now. Oscar is preparing to recieve the Aaronic Priesthood, and will recieve the Melchizedek pretty soon after. We are still going to have to find a way to teach their daughter Adicilsa. We are going to give her a blessing this Sunday. Oscar requested it. He has so much faith. Awesome guy. I still havent heard anything about Sonny. Do you know how he is doing? He has a blog. Maybe you could just tell me a little of whats going on. Anyways, it was really awesome hearing from y'all this week. Sounds like everything is pretty normal. Moms stressed about school, you guys are working on the house, Kaenan is starting some new thing. Yeah, pretty normal. What day exactly are Griffin and Gretchen getting married? I cant remember. Cant really think of anything else thats going on. Eu amo vocês! Fiquem fixe pás!!!
Elder Walker

P.S. I cant really think of very many things I need. They have a lot of good stuff here. Oh! Mapleine! They dont have that here! That would be awesome for making syrup. Also, supposedly the deodorant here is really bad. (By the smell of it, most people dont use it. Uggh!!!)I only have one stick left of american kind. Maybe you could send me some of that. I like the Old Spice Red Zone kind thats like the white gel stuff. Ask Griffin, I think he uses the same kind. Other than that I think Im ok. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. I could definitely use some more recipes too. Anything else you can think of to send will be awesome.

P.P.S. I will send some more pics

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