Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 19, 2009

I officially have fleas! I starting getting them bad about 1 week ago. They mostly bite all over my legs. Its crazy! I have never even seen one! I just know they're there because I keep getting bit. Its not too itchy. Not as bad as I thought anyway. Usually at the end of the day is when I notice them. There isnt really a way to get rid of them either. Just gotta deal with it. Anyways, its been a good succussful week. We have had a lot of lessons because we have scheduled lessons with our investigators that have a baptismal date. Our investigator introduced us to a man named Moisés (thats how you say Moses in Portuguese) who is from Brazil. He is baptist, and pretty Bible smart. But really cool guy too. We have been teaching him and the Spirit seems to be present in the lessons. We havent been able to get ahold of him for a few days so we dont really know how he is doing. Colombo also introduced us to a man named Norberto who we have only taught once. But Colombo is AWESOME! He has already read the entire book of mormon and has started over! He already has such a strong testimony too. He is so awesome. Love that guy. He will be baptized on August 29th. Albertina is progressing well. As I think I said before, she finally got work off on Sundays, so she could come to church. Just recently, her boss fired the guy who works on sundays, so now she has to work on sundays again. But she has a lot of faith I think. We believe she can get it off again. She seems more interested in the church now, especially since we are focusing more on her than Oscar. Maria is still awesome. Still lonely. But she acts just like a member. She is already so ready to be baptized, and has had all the lessons. She just doesnt want to be baptized until September 12. So, all is well with the work. Language is slowly, slowly, slowly improving. Elder Dean tells me that by the end of the 3rd transfer is when I will understand about half of what everyone says. Thats a long ways a way! Oh well. It will come. Slowly. Everythings going well with the comp. Like I said, he is an AWESOME teacher and can answer any question anyone has. He knows a lot. Tell Griffin and Gretchen Parabéns (par-a-baynj) for me. (Congratulations.) Im way excited for them. I cant believe they're getting married! Its nuts! That's so cool your choir gets to sing with yall! Awesome! I remember doing that when I was in Childrens choir. That will be really awesome for them. Are you having any guest singer there for the Christmas concert? Like Brian Stokes Mitchell or anyone? Im going to miss going to that concert this year. Too bad. Yeah I did know about the gazebo. Things are going to be so different when I get home. Its crazy! New carpet, new painting, new fireplace, a gazebo in the backyard, Griffin will be married, I might even have some new nieces/nephews, Kaenan will be 7 years old! Crazy! Probably more will be different too. Who knows? Things are still going awesome here. Im still trying to speak more. Its hard to speak it all the time when you know you dont have to, because my comp speaks english. But I think Im gonna try harder to speak it. I cant really think of a whole lot more that I need here. I could maybe use 2 or 3 of those good shirts from JCPenney. You know, the good stafford ones. I hate the ones I got at Mr Mac. Just a few of the short sleeve ones will do. My neck size is 16.
I dunno. Ties are always good. I do have plenty though. I wish you could send milk. The milk here is aweful! Supposedly, they radiate it! It tastes so bad. Its ok in cereal, but you cant drink it plain, it just tastes to weird. I could send you milk. The reason they radiate it is so it will have a longer shelf life. You can leave the milk cartons out of the fridge and they will last like 4 weeks or something. Gross. I honestly cant think of anything else. Food is good here. I dont eat a lot of candy, and I dont really know what candy they dont have here. We make cookies a lot, so Im ok with that. Root Beer would be really good. They dont have that here. Cant send that. Root beer and mapleine are the only two food things I can think of. And some good American milk. Oh, they also dont have tortillas here! I dont know if it would be possible to send those. I dont think you cant keep them out of the fridge. Im not sure how long it takes to send a package. I think its about 2 weeks for a letter. But I have about 4 weeks until transfers, and thats usually when I can get my mail. Send packages to the mission office address, not to the house address. Yeah, otherwise, Im good. Everythings awesome. They have amazing bread here. So Im good with that. They basically have everything we have in america. For the most part. Well, I love you all. Keep me updated with everything. Fiquem bem! Tchau!
Elder Walker

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