Monday, April 27, 2009

Greg's First Letter Home

Dear Fam,
How are you all doing? I am doing pretty well so far. First day went really well. But they did cram a lot into my head, and so I was a little all over the place when I got here. My second day was actually pretty hard. You were right, Dad, it is a little overwhelming. I feel very scatterbrained. Yesterday was probably the longest day of my life. Things that happened in the morning seemed like they happened the day before. I feel very unorganized, and I find it a little hard to focus. But I have been praying a lot, and I know that I will start to get better. Today is much better. Yesterday, we started the basic vowels, and today we learned some of the consonants. It was about the only thing I felt a little bit ahead in, because I learned IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) when I was at Actor's Academy with Tracy. And that is how our teacher is teaching us. My companion's name is Elder Blair, and he is from Mesa, Arizona. He says the name Dressler sounds familiar, but he wasn't sure. He is really awesome. He is so confident, and he keeps me motivated. He is also our district leader. All of the Elders in the district seem like awesome guys too. We are all going to Lisbon, except for one Elder who is going to Brazil and somehow ended up without a companion. I saw Sonny already! On my first day actually. He spotted me out at dinner, and we talked for about ten minutes. And then we saw each other the next day at breakfast. He is doing really well. I hope I will be able to get to his level. Everyone tells me that it starts getting better on P-day, which is Saturday, and Sunday is supposed to be awesome. So I am looking forward to it. Also, I think I start email next week. I love you all,
Elder Walker

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